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  2. (ME) 4 stock wrx wheels painted bronze w/ snows
  3. Set of 06/07 WRX Wheels and 3 Yokohama S Drives in NH
  4. For Sale (Connecticut) 02-04 wrx +05 RS wheels with pretty junk tires.
  5. For Sale (Vermont) Drag DR33 Wheels 17X7.5 with winter tires
  6. For Sale (New Hampshire) 03 WRX rims.
  7. For Sale (Connecticut) Advan RCII 17x7.5 5x100 (Pick up only)
  8. For Sale (Massachusetts) FT/FS 2.5i OEM 16' rims
  9. For Sale (Massachusetts) 18X9.5 Rota Torques Bronze in color
  10. For Sale (New Hampshire) 17x7.5 5x100 Rota SDR Wheels & Summer Tires
  11. For Sale (Massachusetts) MA:F/S ALT RUSH FLAT BLACK 18x8 w/toyo proxes4 tires
  12. For Sale (New Hampshire) 4 2005 WRX Rims no tires
  13. For Sale (Massachusetts) 245/40/18 Goodyear Eagle GT Tires
  14. For Sale (New Hampshire) Pile of 14" 5x100 steelies
  15. For Sale (Massachusetts) 5x100 15" wheels with blizzaks
  16. For Sale (Connecticut) Feeler for now: 2004 STi BBS painted black.
  17. For Sale/Trade (New Hampshire) 04-05 bbs rims
  18. For Sale/Trade (Massachusetts) enkei 18x7.5 or52 with tires
  19. For Sale/Trade (New Hampshire) BFGoodrich g-force T/A KDW 225/45ZR17 90Y
  20. For Sale (Connecticut) Rota Formula 5x100 18x8 + tires
  21. For Sale (Massachusetts) FS: (MA) 04 sti bbs and 06 wrx wheels
  22. For Sale (Connecticut) Tenzo-R Type M 18x8
  23. For Sale (New Hampshire) One new Gold Prodrive P1 and one Silver Prodrive P7
  24. For Sale (Maine) 07 2.5i OEM Wheels 16x6.5 5x100
  25. For Sale (Massachusetts) Saab 5x100 16x6.5 with tires
  26. For Sale (Massachusetts) Rota DPT's 18x9.5
  27. For Sale (New Hampshire) ASA JH3 5 x 100
  28. For Sale (New Hampshire) FS:NH Set of four 255/35/18 Velozza ZXV tires
  29. For Sale (Maine) 05-07 BBS STi wheels
  30. For Sale (Massachusetts) 3 Kumho Ecsta AST 215/45/17
  31. For Sale (New Hampshire) Custom Glass Top Wheel Table
  32. For Sale (New Hampshire) 1998 rs 5 spoke "goldies" wrapped in dunlops
  33. For Sale (New Hampshire) Volk TE37 18x8.5 +35 5x114.3 Hyper Gloss Black
  34. For Sale (Connecticut) 02-05 wrx wheels With camber worn blizzaks worked fine for me
  35. For Trade (Connecticut) Enkei Raijin for 08+wrx stockers
  36. For Sale/Trade (Massachusetts) (4) Michelin Competition Rally/Gravel Tires on Steel Wheels + spare
  37. For Sale (New Hampshire) 98 goldies w/ summers, 00 wheels painted gunmetal w/ snows
  38. For Sale (New Hampshire) XXR 522s - 18x9.5, 5x114.3 - with tires
  39. For Sale (New Hampshire) FS: (3) Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar G2 Run Flats - 275/35/18
  40. For Sale (New Hampshire) VOLK TE37 18x8.5 +35 offset 5x114.3
  41. For Sale (New Hampshire) 205 50 zr 17 Continental ExtremeContact DWS
  42. For Sale (Massachusetts) ALT Rush 18x8 +45 5x100/5x114.3
  43. For Sale (Vermont) 205/55 R16 hakk 2's on 5X100 Subi Rims
  44. For Sale (Maine) Volk RE30 18x8.5 +44 matte gunmetal 5x100
  45. For Sale (Vermont) Set of white 17" Rota Boost wheels - $390
  46. For Sale (Vermont) Winter Wheels & Tires. KILLER DEAL
  47. For Sale (New Hampshire) 4 Bridgestone Blizzaks LM-25V 225/45r17 94V
  48. For Sale (Massachusetts) 18x9.5 ET45 5x114.3 TRMotorsports MT-1 + 275/35/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sports
  49. For Sale/Trade (Vermont) Custom painted Volk GT-V wheels with Nito 555 tires
  50. For Trade (New Hampshire) 04-05 STI BBS centercaps for trade for 06-07 STI centercaps
  51. For Sale (New Hampshire) 04 STI BBS wheels w/ winters
  52. For Sale (Connecticut) 17" 05 LGT Rims
  53. For Sale (Maine) 2002 WRX Wheels with Auto-X Tires and Wheel Trailer
  54. For Sale (Massachusetts) 4 Dunlop SP Sport 7000 AS Tires
  55. For Sale (Massachusetts) RS 6 spokes
  56. For Sale (Maine) Nice snowflakes
  57. For Sale (New Hampshire) my old 15" winter wheels and tires
  58. For Sale (Massachusetts) My old Winter wheels
  59. For Sale (Maine) 05 WRX rims
  60. For Sale/Trade (New Hampshire) ASA JH3 17", 5x114 $250
  61. For Sale (Connecticut) BBS RK 17" WHEELS & TIRES
  62. For Sale (Connecticut) XXR 527'S 18"
  63. For Sale/Trade (New Hampshire) Rays Engineering Volk SE37a 18x7.5 5x114.3, nearly new 225/40ZR18 Toyo z-rated tires
  64. For Sale (Vermont) Sport A7s and General Altimax Tires
  65. For Sale (Connecticut) Stock FXT rims with Firestone Winter tires
  66. For Sale (Massachusetts) OMG Tires 4 sale!
  67. For Sale (Maine) Bridgestone Blizzak LM60
  68. For Sale (New Hampshire) Kosei K1 TS's. 17x8 5x114.3 $550 OBO
  69. For Sale (New Hampshire) 16" 5x100/5x114 steel wheels with hakkapellittas
  70. For Sale (Massachusetts) (MA) FS: ASA JH3's, 17", 5x114 (Fresh Paint - Charcoal)
  71. For Sale (Maine) 18x8 ALt 6 spoke wheels with Dunlop tires
  72. For Sale (Massachusetts) Drag DR-31 17x8 w/ all seasons
  73. For Sale (Vermont) Motegi Mr7 18's Wheels + Tires
  74. For Sale (Massachusetts) Works VS-XX 18x8.5 +22 5x114.3
  75. For Sale (New Hampshire) 18 Rims with good tires - cheap
  76. For Sale (New Hampshire) 4 Yokohama Avid S30 All Season Tires 205/55/16
  77. For Sale (New Hampshire) 18x8 +35 Enkei NT03+m 5x100 w/ star specs
  78. For Sale (New Hampshire) '03 OBS Wheels
  79. For Sale (New Hampshire) Kumho and Bridgestone
  80. For Sale (Massachusetts) 18x9.5 Rota MXR's gold with polish lip
  81. For Sale (New Hampshire) FS: (4) 275/35/18 Nitto NT01's
  82. For Sale (Connecticut) Sport Tuning T10 17x7.5 Rims
  83. For Sale/Trade (Connecticut) STi 5x114 spare tire for 5x100 STI spare tire
  84. For Sale (New Hampshire) Rota Torques 18x8.5 Gunmetal 5x114.3 $600 picked up
  85. For Sale (New Hampshire) 2 sets of used tires 17" - cheap
  86. For Sale (New Hampshire) 18x8.5 Goldish OEM BBS, 245/40R18 OEM Dunlops, 275 Hoosiers & 215/65r16 Bridgestones
  87. For Sale (Massachusetts) (4) 225/45/17 General Altimax Arctic Snows
  88. For Sale (Massachusetts) FS MA 215/50/16 eagle GT on rs 5 spokes
  89. For Sale (Massachusetts) 2.5RS 6-Spokes with snow tires
  90. For Trade (Vermont) Rota sdr 17x7 rims for trade
  91. For Sale (Rhode Island) 06 Sti bbs wheels powder coated gloss black
  92. For Sale (Rhode Island) Enkei Rajins w/ss and winterforce on steelies
  93. For Sale (New Hampshire) 07 STI BBS SILVER WHEELS w/ SNOWS
  94. For Sale (Rhode Island) FS: (RI) ICW Rims + Dunlop Wintersport 3D Tires
  95. For Sale (Connecticut) Tire pressure sensors
  96. For Sale (New Hampshire) (upper valley): Set of 4 Blizzak LM60 245/40R18 mounted on Motegi 18X8 rims
  97. For Sale (Vermont) New Kelly Explorer Plus 205 55 16 tires (donut spare included)
  98. For Sale (Massachusetts) Three (3) Advan RS 18x8 wheels ** 5x100 ** +45 ** ($550)
  99. For Sale (Vermont) 04 STI BBS Wheels (GOLD) 5x100
  100. For Sale (Connecticut) 02-03 WRX wheels with tires
  101. For Sale (Massachusetts) 2006-2007 WRX Wheels + Tires
  102. For Sale (Maine) Snow tires
  103. For Sale (New Hampshire) 2012 oem wrx wheels and tires
  104. For Sale (New Hampshire) 17" ASA JH3 Wheels w/ Winter Tires (set of 4)
  105. For Sale (Maine) Pirelli Cinturato P7 Ultra High Performance Summer
  106. For Sale (Connecticut) Miro 368 18x10 5x100
  107. For Sale (Connecticut) Sparco Assetto Gara
  108. For Sale (Massachusetts) 02-03 wrx rims
  109. For Sale (Maine) Blizzak LM60 snow tires
  110. For Sale (New Hampshire) mint gold sti wheels with tires and legacy turbo wheels with tires
  111. For Sale (New Hampshire) 2005 stock WRX wheels and tires
  112. For Sale (Connecticut) Forester L wheels and tires
  113. For Sale (New Hampshire) FS: 18" Drag DR-38 wheels/Falken 612 tires/TPMS
  114. For Sale (Massachusetts) 4 '98 RS goldies with Nokian snow tires and a '99 5 spoke spare wheel
  115. For Sale (Vermont) Selling my winter set up.
  116. For Sale (Massachusetts) 17" Wheels and Snow Tires
  117. For Sale (New Hampshire) Set of Toyo Proxxie 4's 235/45/17
  118. For Sale (Massachusetts) 215/70-R15 Hankook I-Pike Snows on Green 15" Outback Alloys
  119. For Sale/Trade (New Hampshire) SONH/NOMA - Stock 2002 WRX wheels $250 OBRO
  120. For Sale (New Hampshire) Powdercoated White Rota SDRs 17x7.5 +48 5x100
  121. For Sale (Connecticut) Rpf1 black
  122. For Sale (Connecticut) RS 6 spokes
  123. For Sale (Massachusetts) 2004 STI BBS gold 5x100 w/ 235/35/17 summer tires + tpms
  124. For Sale (Massachusetts) SNOWS: Enkei PF01 17x8 w/ Blizzak WS70 + TPMS!
  125. For Sale (Connecticut) Project Kics Wheel Spacers (x2) 10mm 5x100
  126. For Sale/Trade (New Hampshire) 17X8 Gold Rota Slipstreams, Trade for Stock 16's
  127. For Sale (Massachusetts) XXR 531 18x9.5 +35 5x100 / 5x114.3 - $700
  128. For Sale (Connecticut) Crappy Wheels for Winter Tires
  129. For Sale (New Hampshire) $1000 17x8 RPF1 with ~5k mile 235 DZ101's
  130. For Sale/Trade (Connecticut) Rota g force
  131. For Sale (Massachusetts) Enkei NT03's 18x9.5 et40 Matte Black with 265/35/18 5X100
  132. For Sale (New Hampshire) Dunlop Direzza ZII's 215/40/17
  133. For Sale (New Hampshire) 05-06 Legacy grill
  134. For Sale (Connecticut) Ssr gt2
  135. Custom painted wrx wheels
  136. For Sale (Connecticut) Staggered wheels
  137. For Sale (Massachusetts) Type UK Sti Wheels 17x7 +55
  138. For Sale (Massachusetts) Enkei PF01 5x100 17x8 TPMS, Tires, Lug Nuts.
  139. For Sale/Trade (Connecticut) SSR type c 17x8.5 +48 5x100
  140. For Sale (Connecticut) 2008 Legacy wheels w/ Blizzak WS70 tires
  141. For Sale (Connecticut) Blue open ended lugnuts
  142. For Sale (Vermont) 98 2.5 RS Goldie's with winter tires
  143. For Sale (Maine) FS: Rota Group-A wheels 17x7.5" 5x100
  144. For Sale (Connecticut) 18x8 Enkei TSP6 wheels 5x100
  145. For Sale (New Hampshire) FS: (NH) 17x8" 5x100/5x114 Konig Winter Wheels with Snow tires
  146. For Sale (Connecticut) Black Enkei Raijin 18x8.5 5x100
  147. For Sale (Connecticut) Built v9 jdm sti engine
  148. For Sale (Maine) 245/45/17 Continentals
  149. For Sale (Connecticut) Enkei Kojin 5x100 18x8.5
  150. For Sale (Massachusetts) Bronze '11 WRX stock rims 17x8 5/100 $550
  151. For Sale (Connecticut) 215/45/17 Blizzak WS70
  152. For Sale (Connecticut) 18x8 5x100 Rota Tarmac III
  153. For Sale (New Hampshire) OZ Ultraleggera's 17x8 with rubbers
  154. For Sale (Massachusetts) Advan RG-D 18x8.5+33 5x100
  155. For Sale (New Hampshire) /MA 17" x 8" (5x100) Silver Enkei RPF-1, Caps, TPMS, w/ Dunlops
  156. For Sale (New Hampshire) 17X8 Rota Slipstreams (Wheels Only)
  157. For Sale (Connecticut) 02 impreza wheels
  158. For Sale (Massachusetts) RS 6spokes $350BO
  159. For Sale (Massachusetts) FS: 2010 WRX wheels with winters
  160. For Sale (Connecticut) 5x100 5zigen FN01R-C 17x8 +48
  161. For Sale (Connecticut) FS: (CT) Sport Edition A7 Silver 15"x6.5" 5x100 w/ 195/65/15 General Altimax Arctic
  162. For Sale (Massachusetts) Winter Wheels & Tires
  163. For Sale (Vermont) 02/03 wrx rims with winter tires - $200
  164. For Sale (Connecticut) STi Wheels FS two sets
  165. For Sale (New Hampshire) ROTA G-FORCE & DUNLOP SP WINTER SPORT 3D $1100
  166. For Sale (Connecticut) SSR Professor SP1
  167. For Sale (Connecticut) BBS SR wheels with tires and tpms
  168. For Sale (Connecticut) Enkei RPF1 17x8 Limited Edition Bronze
  169. For Sale (Connecticut) BE Outback Wheels with tires
  170. For Sale (Massachusetts) Dunlop Sport Maxx 235/45/17
  171. For Sale (New Hampshire) FS (NH): (4) 18X8 Braid Winrace A Gold Tarmac Raly Wheels (no tires) - $1000 OBO
  172. For Sale (Connecticut) FS: CT 17x7.5 5x100 +48 Sparco Assetto Gara Gold Painted $400
  173. For Sale (Massachusetts) (MA) 2005 LGT Stock wheels, Toyo Observe Garit KX
  174. For Sale (Vermont) 05 sti gold bbs rims with newish studded snows
  175. For Sale (New Hampshire) MOTEGI RACING MR118 w/ Continental Extreme Winter Contact