View Full Version : For Sale/Trade (Vermont) 2008 Ford Escape XLS

08-27-2012, 01:22 AM
2008 Ford Escape
XLS trim, 4x4 automatic
69,000 miles
Brand new motor and transmission with 40k warranty on both

I'm selling because i've been debating it for sometime, but just couldn't let the bugger go, but now is the best time then ever to sell it, as it's practically a brand new car. It drives just like an Outback, best way to put it. Great in the snow, and very well handing on pavement. 28-30 MPG, it's about equal city and highway. It has a brand new transmission that is only a couple thousand miles old, and is getting a brand new motor put in, the oil pump failed and starved the motor of oil. Both of them installed is $9,800. I can get every single service record for the car, minus maybe 3 oil changes that I did myself. Fully dealer serviced. Has almost brand new tires on it now, and then a set of brand new winter tires. It has had two accidents, one was a slow rear ending that broke the bumper cover and put a good dent into the hatch, it was repaired. Secondly it was backed into and broke the tail light and scuffed the bumper cover. I did hit a racoon a few nights ago and cracked the bottom of the front bumper cover. It has hybrid springs, which is a stiffer spring but stock ride height for better handing and it made a huge difference. It's pretty well loaded, power everything, AM/FM/MP3/CD radio, side curtan airbags, and every driver error control you can imagine. Roll stablity, ABS, traction control, and a skid recovery control. I wash it a number of times a week, and wax it frequently. Book value is $11,000 but having a brand new engine and transmission that is almost $10,000, I am asking $15,500.

More pictures when the car gets out of the garage.

Full value trades only, and sorry, no Imprezas.

10-29-2012, 10:44 AM
Could use the cash $12,500 bump. No trades, has 75k miles now. Got a full detail professionally, inside and out a month ago. Waxed it again this weekend, has RA flaps on it now, along with pioneer door speakers. It's getting moar lift, and most likely stored for the winter. -

New front and rear bumper covers, and a tail light. Might upgrade to Mercury tail lights being LED.

11-15-2012, 12:25 AM
New pads and rotors, and shoes in the back. Oil change today, along with a new battery and terminals. Hybrid sway bar, which is thicker then the stock non hybrid bar.

Also now has like 76,000 miles. Not really looking to go less then $12,500. It'll be parked this winter most likely.