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Forum Rules
General Rules

Sec A.
General Forum Rules

1. Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit any and all content of the forums.

2. Members are limited to a single username, any extra names will result in deletion of accounts.

3. Excessive Trolling will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with at moderator/admin discretion.

4. Spammers are not welcome and will be banned.

5. Any ethnic, religious belief or sexual preference comments will not be tolerated.

6. No flame wars, this isn't NASIOC. Get along with/ignore your fellow members or post elsewhere.

7. Reported posts are taken seriously, this tool should only be used when the post does not meet the expectations of these rules or violates any. These are dealt by moderators and admins logged onto the forum at the time.

8. Reported post abuse will NOT be tolerated and will result in consequences.

9. User names, signatures or locations that contain URL’s to websites with parts, service or items for sale are not allowed UNLESS the user is a REGISTERED Vendor.

10. ANY registered user advertising or selling bulk quantity's are required to obtain vendor status prior to posting bulk quantity sales, advertising and providing shop/vendor details complimenting company work and business.

11. Vendors require a Vendor account.

12. Although registered users with company names or business's do not require Vendor status, it is encouraged.

13. Signatures are requested to be kept at a minimum. Extreme signatures will be deleted or edited by any moderator/Admin. We reserve the right to change these at anytime seeing fit. Utilizing the signature as an advertising or public display of profanity, pornography or display of other Subaru or AWD based sites will NOT be tolerated.

14. Avatars are only available to donating members only.

15. Useless threads which do not contribute any intellectual knowledge or have no purpose, will be closed.

Sec B.
Prohibited Types of Posts:

1. Links or images copyrighted or any type of copyright infringed material.

2. Links to or requests for serial numbers, mp3s, illegal software, etc.

3. NWS (Not Work Safe) material. This can include everything from websites about hate groups, pornography or any other inappropriate site.

4. NWS material is allowed in Private subforums and is strictly moderated, these are available to members subscribed to the individual subforum or group.

5. Links to websites that contain pop-ups, meatspin or anything to disrupt normal behavior on your computer are not tolerated and will result in consequences.

6. Hotlinking images from other websites, please host any images you might want to post your own approved Image hosting site.

7. Any profanity or pornography is strictly prohibited on the public forums.

8. The forums use a “swear filter” to block profanity, using creative spelling in order to “dodge” the filter is prohibited. This is an ongoing list that is actively updated.

9. Personal attacks directed to-wards any members and other websites are prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Threads of Note.

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New Member Info

NES OFFICIAL RULES are subject to change, challenges and mis moderated posts resulting with infractions, temp bans or perm bans will be addressed with the ensuing Moderator/Admin. When challenging or requesting a change in rules please Contact any of the Moderators addressing the rules by Section, #.
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